Marina Bay Fire Station & Neighborhood Police Centre

Singapore’s first-ever urban fire station built in the heart of the Marina Bay Area. Architectural interpretation of civic order held together by the the Police Force and Civil Defence. Classic Institutional style Courtyard building complete with symbolic fireman inspired helmet turrets and naturally ventilated corridors with play of light through shadows and materiality.

Mount Alvernia Hospital

Mount Alvernia Hospital is a private missionary general hospital delivering compassionate and patient-centered care in a wide range of specialty areas. Our proposed Masterplan and expansion works for MAH has significantly increased the land utilization and free up land for future development. The new masterplan projected to increase the facility to a 500 bed hospital fully equipped with modern facilities including 16 Operating Theatres and 100 Consulting Suites. The expansion was designed and built without impacting the daily operation of the hospital complex.


2016  –  BCA Construction Excellence Award

Yishun Community Hospital

Conceived as a Hospital-In-A-Garden, Yishun Community Hospital (YCH) draws inspiration from classic equatorial vernacular architectural elements of Shade, Screen, Porosity, Verendah, Apetures to achieve a Greenmark Platinum Standard healthcare facility that provides a comfortable community based healing environment for longer-stay patients to recuperate.


2017  –  SIA Honorable Mention Award  in the Institutional Category (Healthcare)

2015  –  BCA BIM Platinum Award

2014  –  BCA Green Mark Platinum Award

National University Hospital Medical Centre

State-of-the-art Medical Outpatient treatment healthcare facilities housed in an ultra-modern high-rise tower, set within the National University Hospital. It is now the gateway building into the campus, built above Kent Ridge MRT Station. Includes a shopping mall, Cancer Centre and elegant eateries.


2016  –  Nomination for Best Design Land Transport Integration Award

2015  –  BCA Construction Excellence Award

2014  –  SIA Honorable Mention Award

2014  –   Structural Steel Excellence Merit Award

2014  –  BCA Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS) Award

2013  –  BCA Green Mark Platinum Award

The Brunei Cancer Centre, The Brunei Neuroscience, Stroke Rehabilitation Centre

The Brunei National Cancer Centre and The Brunei Neuroscience Stroke Rehabilitation Centre at Jerudong Park is a state-of-the-art cancer center and a neuroscience stroke rehabilitation centre that addresses the human spirit, treat patients and support their families. The design of the complex has incorporated the beautiful South China Ocean view into the patient, family, staff and physicians’ experience. The nature element has form part of the sustainable and evidence based design attributes of the development and a unique landmark within Jerudong Park. The design of this development is based on 3Rs “Retreat, Relax and Rejuvenate” theme. The state-of-the-art architecture has delivered a new catalyst for medical development and provide a new chapter for Brunei Healthcare System.


2012  –  BCA Green Mark Platinum (Provisional) Award

Catholic Archdiocese Hub

Aptly name CRISTOPOLIS (City of Christ), inspiration drawn for medieval cathedral towns and cities of Europe, our proposal for the Catholic Archdiocese Hub provides a modern interpretation of cloister and courtyard architecture that have served the church communities of Europe invaluably as prayer, social and community spaces, all in a green oasis of lush equatorial greenscape.

Townsville Primary School – ISH

A series of architectural interventions to existing school buildings, responding to the Ministry of Education Primary Education Review Implementation (PERI) for doubling-up education spaces, to meet the single school session programme. Each project comprises a multi-storey new block housing an Indoor Sports Hall and New Classrooms, Laboratories and Co-Curricular Facilities for Performing Arts, Music, Drama, Dance, Library and After-School care programmes.

An-Nahdhah Bishan Mosque & MUIS Harmony Center

Nestled within this Northern heartland of Singapore, the design award winning An-Nahdhah Mosque in Bishan is regarded as a new generation mosque. Aside from its modern architectural structure, An-Nahdhah Mosque also houses a two-storey MUIS’s Harmony Centre with the sole purpose of creating a welcoming platform where non-Muslims can learn more about the Muslim Community and Islam practices. It was designed to be the new modern communal mosque. It Opened on January 6, 2006 and can accommodate about 4,000 worshippers.