Book house at Ford Avenue is a private library annexe (within a Good Class Bungalow Precinct). It houses rare book collections of a highly successful digital innovation entrepreneur, showcasing his thousands of rare novels and publications in a double volume space. The house is designed sensitively to respond to its environment, maximising daylight whilst ensuring protection from UV degradation. These industrial interiors utilise exposed off-form concrete wall and graphite grey steel structure, lined with warm wood book shelving. The juxtaposition of muted and warm material look perfectly thrown together. Equipped with a modern home workshop at level one that looks out into an agricultural landscape garden, Book house is the ultimate hobby-space / man-cave.


The SGBC Office is the embodiment of what SGBC is and all that it stands for: a green and healthy workplace that was made possible through collaboration with SGBC members and like-minded partners. Drawing inspiration from nature, the design aims to create the ambience of a park within the office space, to connect office occupants to the natural environment through direct and indirect association with nature. As a champion of green building developments, SGBC intends to “walk-the-talk” and achieve a Green Mark for Healthier Workplaces platinum certification for its secretariat’s own workplace. Some of the key design considerations include air-conditioning efficiency, artificial lighting efficiency, daylight harvesting, glare control, noise mitigation, active workplace design, office ergonomics, and biophilic design — to help create an overall sense of wellbeing within the workplace. Over 90% of the materials used in the office are SGBP-certified products, or have a green story to tell. Essentially, just about everything that one sees, touches or steps on in the SGBC office is a green product…