Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital & Medical Centre

Healthcare for the well-heeled, state-of-the-art, exclusive 300 single-bed units and penthouse unit hospital right in the heart of Novena Medical Precinct. Arguably Singapore’s last ever truly private hospital for a long time to come Progressive and modern architecture and interiors that extrude confidence while creating a healing environment.


2014  –  BCA Construction Excellence Award

2014  –  BCA Universal Design Mark Gold Plus Award

2014  –  BCA Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS) Award

2013  –  BCA Design and Engineering Safety Excellence Award

2013  –  Hospitality Design Awards For Senior Living/ Healthcare

2013  –   Healthcare Interior Design Award Honorable Mention

2012  –   BCA Green Mark Platinum Award

Lim Chee Guan Factory

Consolidation of Singapore’s top-brand of dried meat delicacy operations to a food processing hub. The progressive simple yet elegant architecture reflects uncompromising food safety and quality philisophy adopted by the Lim Chee Guan Group. Factory production, because of the new branding and competence facility, now not only serves Singapore, but the entire ASEAN Region.