Catholic Archdiocese Hub

Aptly name CRISTOPOLIS (City of Christ), inspiration drawn for medieval cathedral towns and cities of Europe, our proposal for the Catholic Archdiocese Hub provides a modern interpretation of cloister and courtyard architecture that have served the church communities of Europe invaluably as prayer, social and community spaces, all in a green oasis of lush equatorial greenscape.

Lilly Centre for Clinical Pharmacology




A flagship clinical facility for a global pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly and Company. Located in Singapore’s top research and technology town Biopolis, the facility is complete with mixed-configuration study rooms totalling to 50 beds, Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Cleanroom. The FDA-certified Pharmaceutical Cleanroom meets the highest CGMP standard – being licensed for the testing and manufacturing of drug products.

Townsville Primary School – ISH

A series of architectural interventions to existing school buildings, responding to the Ministry of Education Primary Education Review Implementation (PERI) for doubling-up education spaces, to meet the single school session programme. Each project comprises a multi-storey new block housing an Indoor Sports Hall and New Classrooms, Laboratories and Co-Curricular Facilities for Performing Arts, Music, Drama, Dance, Library and After-School care programmes.

National Skin Centre

Facilitating skin care into the 21st century, National Skin Centre Complex involves creating a new 11-Storey Wing (to serve expansion needs of the population) while complementing the existing 5-Storey building that will also be upgraded. To be executed in phases in decanting scenarios to minimize disruption to on-going operation, the final complex will house Treatment, Training, Consultation and Administrative Facilities, all in a modern compact architecture. It will also house the Head Quarters of the National Healthcare Group. Note worthy is the energy-efficient, no-frills but nonetheless architectural beautiful facade; just the way good skin should be!


2020  –  BCA Green Mark Platinum Award

An-Nahdhah Bishan Mosque & MUIS Harmony Center

Nestled within this Northern heartland of Singapore, the design award winning An-Nahdhah Mosque in Bishan is regarded as a new generation mosque. Aside from its modern architectural structure, An-Nahdhah Mosque also houses a two-storey MUIS’s Harmony Centre with the sole purpose of creating a welcoming platform where non-Muslims can learn more about the Muslim Community and Islam practices. It was designed to be the new modern communal mosque. It Opened on January 6, 2006 and can accommodate about 4,000 worshippers.